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SonAir Airline Services, S.A.
About SonAir

Our company naturally resulted from the business evolution of DAR - Direcção de Aeronaútica - a business unit of Sonangol U.E.E. established on October 10, 1979 after the discovery of oil reserves in the Angolan offshore. DAR activity was to provide air transportation to the local oil industry.

The rapid growth of the oil industry soon demanded more services and for Sonangol emerged the need to have an autonomous company that would meet not only the needs of the oil companies but that would evolve with the market changes as well.

Therefore, on February 16, 1998 SonAir Airlines Services, SA was established as a subsidiary of Sonangol Group.

What we do
The core business of SonAir is essentially supporting the oil industry. Our other activities are passenger transportation - in country regionally and internationally - and cargo freight.

Most of our charter services are offered on a commuter basis contract to the oil companies in the local industry. Since 2004 we also operate regular commercial flights to a few national destinations.

Most of our services are rendered in Angola, but SonAir is prepared to meet demands for more international destinations in Africa and in Europe and to face the challenges proposed by the aviation industry.