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Due to the discovery of oil in the shallow waters of Angola, Sonangol, National Society of Hydrocarbons of Angola took the decision to set up an Aeronautical Vision, the embryo of SonAir, with the objective of supporting the oil exploration activity with air transportation.

Created on October 10, 1979, the Sonangol - DAR Aeronautics Division, began operations with a Dakota DC-III aircraft, and to offshore operations with an helicopter type Alouette III SA316B.

At this time, the first contract was signed with an oil customer, called Texaco.

Six years later, on September 30th, 1985, the Aeronautics Division was constituted as a Directorate, and was renamed the Aeronautical Directorate of Sonangol.

With the large-scale expansion of oil exploration in Angola, >SonAir Sonangol was formed on 16 February 1998, by SonAir Serviço Aéreo, SARL, a Subsidiary the state oil company, which later became the designation of SonAir Serviço Aéreo, SA, whose capital Company is 100% state-owned, divided into 96.816% by Sonangol EP and 3.184% by Sonangol Holdings.

SonAir used to have Aircrafts of the type:

  • Fokker 27
  • Fokker 50
  • Falcon 20
  • Beechcraft 350
  • Boeing 727
  • Falcon 900
  • Falcon 7X
  • so
  • Airbus 319

As well as Helicopters of the type::

  • Dauphin N2
  • Dauphin N3
  • Sikorsky A
  • Sikorsky A++
  • Sikorsky C+

Today SonAir operates a completely modern fleet, and offers a quality service to its client portfolio.

Thanks to the commitment and dedication of the SonAir workforce, an average of 19,700 hours of flight per year is carried out and an average of 246 thousand passengers a year, making the Company the largest helicopter operator to support offshore oil activity Angolan.

In view of the high standards of safety, quality and competitiveness required by industry, customers, partners and society in general, SonAir's main challenges are the sustainable consolidation of its activity, aiming to establish itself as the main air operator in Angola, With expansion at the Regional level.

Efficiency and Operational Excellence are part of our objective, since they guarantee profitability.

The first aircraft of SonAir when the creation of the Division of Aeronautics in 1979:
Another of our first aircrafts, a Dakota DC-3.
Alouette III