A SonAir


SonAir regularly operates flights to the following destinations: Soyo, Cabinda Catumbela Lubango, according to the table of domestic charter flights attached table of flights.

Always focused on the core business, we regularly fly to the aforementioned destinations, however, there is the possibility of opening new routes through strategic guidance.

  Domestic flights are usually carried out on Boeing 737-700 or Beechcraft 1900 D.



  1. The permitted baggage limits for the Boeing 737-700 are 30 kgs in Business Class and 20 kgs in Economy Class per passenger.

  3. The  allowable luggage for the Beechcraft 1900 D is 15 kgs per passenger. In this aircraft there is no differentiation of classes.




The purchase of excess baggage must be made at the time of purchase of the ticket or at the check-in, through the availability of the flight.