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The National Fuel Society of Angola - SONANGOL EP, announces that will carry the official launch of the tender for bidding 10 Blocks...

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Pre-qualification round of bidding for new oil concessions

The National Fuel Society of Angola - SONANGOL EP, acting as National Concessionaire of mining rights for the exploration and production of oil and gas throughout the Angolan territory, leads to public knowledge that will carry the official launch of the tender for bidding 10 Blocks for Oil Exploration in the Terrestrial zones basins of Kwanza and Lower Congo, on May 30, 2014.

Blocks subject to the public tender are as follows:

• Terrestrial Zones in the Kwanza Basin: 3 KON, KON 5, 6 KON, KON 7, 8 KON, KON KON 9 and 17;

• Terrestrial zones of the Lower Congo Basin: CON 1, CON CON 5 and 6

National and international companies interested in participating in the quoted Bidding Blocks, must submit to Sonangol EP proper documentation to pre-qualify until April 30, 2014.

The requirements for pre-qualification include:

1. Entities wishing to take over the role of Non-Operator

a) Your firm or corporate name;

b) The place of incorporation, registration and the address of its registered office;

c) The most important activities carried out;

d) Details of its capital structure, including the values ??of equity, the realizable assets and fixed assets and the liabilities;

e) References from reputable banks attesting their financial capacity;

f) The annual reports of the activity developed with inclusion of balance sheet and accounts of the last three years or since inception, if the company has been established for less than three years, audited by a firm of independent auditors and proven experience;

g) Details of experience in exploration and production of oil, including details of reserves and production;

h) The number of employees and professional experience of management staff in research and production of oil;

i) Details of legal and arbitration proceedings against him placed in the last five years;

j) Details of anticipated plans for future obligations, including work programs or risks that may impact their ability to fulfill the work program that will be established for the Angolan concessions that may become a party;

k) Details of business activities in Angola to the present date.

2. Entities wishing to assume the role of Operator

Entities wishing to assume the role of Operator shall, in addition to presenting the elements referred to above, to prove the following requirements:

a) holds competence and experience in the management and execution of oil operations;

b) Possess technical and operational competence;

c) have an efficient organizational structure;

d) The company may also provide evidence about their experience performing oil operations considered relevant for recovery of their application, particularly in the areas of safety, environmental protection, prevention of pollution situations and employment, integration and training Angolan personnel.

3. QHSE requirements

Both entities should additionally submit the following requirements:

a) Demonstrate a Policy on Quality, Health, Safety and Environment where evidence of commitment to the prevention of damage to Health, Prevention of Environmental Pollution, Protection of Heritage and to continuous improvement;

b) Comply with applicable laws and regulations;

c) Demonstrate that your employees have the necessary skills to ensure compliance with the issues of Quality, Health, Safety and Environment;

d) Demonstrate the mechanisms employed for evaluation and risk management of QHSE;

e) To demonstrate the use of methodologies that eliminate the causes of nonconformities in order to avoid repetition and to eliminate the causes of potential nonconformities;

f) Demonstrate that it has jurisdiction to implement and maintain Quality Management Systems, Health, Safety and Environment in the exploration and production of oil and gas operations;

g) To present the methods to be employed to control and emergency response and spill response;

h) submit the Management Indicators of the last 6 months and the mechanisms to be used for performance evaluation of Quality, Health, Safety and Environment.

4. Entities that are already involved in oil operations in Angola, are not exempt from the pre-qualification process and must submit all the documents mentioned above.

5. Documents for prequalification should be submitted in a sealed envelope to the following address:

Direcção de Negociações da Sonangol EP
Rua Rainha Ginga Nr. 29-31, 12th Floor
Sonangol building
PO Box 1316
Luanda, Republic of Angola

Phone: 226-642-776, 226-642-777
Fax: 226-642-926 244

Details of the pre-qualification can be found on the Sonangol website:

Sonangol EP Office of Communication & Image, in Luanda, April 1, 2014.

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